ZVG often gets orders for objects of art. A very special one was the Lost Luggage Depot on De Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam, with a weight of 65.000 kg. With this monument Jeff Wall symbolysis the emigrants, that went to America in the past century. ZVG made all parts with great precision, assembled and placed this beautiful work of art.

The weight of this iron horse is 6.500 kg. It is designed by Tom Claassen. Though the horse usually stands at “the Plantage”, in Utrecht, during the World Fair in Hannover, Germany, it was ‘grazing’ on the lawn of the Dutch Pavillion.

A chair in cast-iron by Mark Manders is part of this work of art in Amsterdam. In the middle a head as an example at the right details of the final result. Some other artists that found their way to ZVG are: Jan van Munster, Alfred Eikelenboom, Jeannette Ephraïm, Kazuo Katase, Alphons ter Avest and Theo Schepens.