ZVG is specialized in the production of high quality castings.

Our specialization

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Set for flexibility

When choosing new or replacement casting products, ZVG wants to think along at an early stage about design and choice of materials, in order to achieve the most favorable result in terms of production and costs.



The company has focused on flexibility, which means that castings can be delivered in an often surprisingly short time.

Quality assurance
has great attention

At ZVG, quality means not only product quality but quality of the entire organization and services. The unit weight can vary from less than 1 kg. up to 3,000 kg. The delivery program includes ferrous materials: cast iron and cast steel (stainless steel), as well as non-ferrous materials: bronze and aluminum.

The machining department can pre-treat castings for non-destructive testing or complete post-processing according to drawing.

Machine factory

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Monitor quality requirements

The quality service takes care of the final inspection of the dimensions and specific properties of the finished castings, the interim checks and the calibration of the various inspection equipment.


The castings are checked by certified people. Internally by means of ultrasonic examination. External examination for cracks is done magnetically.

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